I am a career, personal branding and Gallup Strengths Coach. I enjoy helping clients realize their goal of new careers and opportunities as well as how to maximize their strengths to make more meaningful contributions to their work. It's like being the bridge that gets them where they want to go. It all starts with getting to know them and their stories. We all have a story--why you’re working at a certain job, why you chose to study a particular major, and the passions that get you truly excited. After graduating in journalism, speech, and public relations, I found success learning about people and products and using writing and presenting as a way to positively influence results.

Most of my 25 year corporate career at MetLife, Dun & Bradstreet, and Cox Communications has been spent influencing and educating others through sales, public relations, marketing, or management. Five years ago, I transitioned to higher education where I helped students develop their personal brand, write engaging résumés, and prepare for interviews. I found whatever role I was in I gained the most satisfaction when I was helping someone else be their personal best! That’s why I love being a career and transition coach. My strengths lie in learning your story and helping you package yourself in a polished, professional manner to achieve your career and professional development goals.