You are a wealth of knowledge! I am still in awe of how you were able to figure out the essence of me and not only verbalize it but put it onto paper; without meeting me and utilizing limited info and a strength assessment tool . Incredible! I wish I had recorded you. You’re insights are invaluable. I could talk to you forever.
— Danielle, communications expert

I received an official offer for an internship during the coming semester. I would like to thank Anne
for all of her help getting my resume and career information to the best its ever looked. In addition, I’d like to thank her for the guidance/advice as it has helped me tremendously and hopefully will continue to do so moving forward with my career.
— Matthew, Senior IT Cybersecurity Student

I was feeling stuck in a career I had been in for 15 years and was unsure of my next steps, and conversations with friends and family hadn’t been productive. I was afraid to take a risk so I stayed miserable for far too long at a job I didn’t find challenging. After I met with Anne for a 30 minute session, I was re-energized and walked away with great clarity and confidence in my purpose and what I wanted to do next! It was the best I felt about my skills and contributions in years. Anne was so helpful, I wish I had met with her sooner.
— Kathleen, Chemistry Professor

I am where I am today because of what Anne has done. To say Anne was monumental in my growth as a professional as well as a person would be an understatement. Anne’s passion, motivation & energy are undeniable. Her proficiency in Linkedin, résumé writing, networking & strategic job placement are only a few of the pieces Anne brings to the table.
— Phillip, Small Business Consultant

I arrived in Anne’s office feeling overwhelmed and not having a firm idea about which direction to take my career. Anne is a great listener. While I was expressing my career interests, likes/dislikes the job I had, and what I aspire to do in the long term, Anne diligently took down notes and was able to custom-tailor a set of skills and an elevator pitch that prepared me to interview so successfully that I was offered the job less than 24 hours after my first interview.
— Ted, Marketing and Communication Specialist

Anne has helped me ‘build my personal brand’ by assisting me with résumé development, in addition to strengthening my Linkedin material and exposure. Anne has helped me make connections as a young professional.
— Cole, Financial Analyst

As a career counselor, Anne knows her stuff! She is able to really help her clients find their “brand” and run with it. She is incredibly knowledgeable and truly becomes invested in every client that she meets.
— Lauren, HR Business Partner

Anne always made time to assist me and gave an honest opinion about my résumé. I found her eager to help me achieve my goals. She listened to what I wanted to do and then tailored our meetings to best assisting me get there. I received a job offer after seven applications. I know that I could not have done it without her help and support.
— Lisa, PhD candidate

I feel very prepared to showcase my brand after working with Anne.
— Kim, Quality Analyst

All that Anne has taught me has served me well in all aspects of my career til this day and for that I am forever grateful. There is truly no one like her!!
— Daphne, Media Scholar

I can’t say enough great things about Anne Lipsitz! I hadn’t updated my résumé in over 10 years and really needed some help. Anne was so easy to talk to and not only helped me do over my résumé, but she also helped me create a new cover letter for a position I was applying and got me connected and set up on LinkedIn, which has opened up all kinds of doors for me. Anne is truly a career coach, and someone that also cares about her clients. I got the job and it was because of her help! Amazing mentor and resource!
— Stanley, Athletic Director
I sincerely appreciate all the assistance Anne provided me during my search. The feedback and advice she bestowed on me was critical to me obtaining the position and I am really grateful for everything Anne did for me.
— Christopher, Sales Operations Analyst
Anne Lipsitz is easy to talk to and helps you to present your best self. Her résumés are phenomenal. The employers I showed them to were very impressed. I had two job offers in less than two weeks!
— Holly, Middle School Special Education Resource Teacher
Anne helped me prepare for a salary negotiation at an old job and then helped me do interview and résumé preparations for a new job when I relocated across the country. The service was top notch and even though it’s a full time job to find a job, Anne makes it so you feel confident and optimistic about any opportunity!
— Scott, Account Executive
Anne is an outstanding career coach and personal branding consultant. Her services truly made the difference in me being able to secure my next job.
— Marissa, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist
It wasn’t happening for me until Anne stepped in. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was well worth the investment and I’m looking forward to recommending you to a friend.
— Matthew, Life Insurance Sales
As I have been preparing to enter the work force as a health professional, building my résumé, and preparing for interviews, I have found myself incredibly intimidated. Anne’s guidance and direction was indispensable. She provided me with numerous tools to be successful; guided me in building a résumé, honed my interview skills, and helped me create a personal brand to distinguish myself from my peers. I cannot fully verbalize my appreciation.
— Katelyn, Physician Assistant Student University of Charleston

I would like to just say how impressed I was with your presentation on career development. Your content was invaluable and the delivery was perfect. I feel extremely confident that the tools you shared will help me in building my career and landing the job of my dreams!
— Lewis, University of Charleston PA Program Student
Anne is a phenomenal resource with fresh, up to date content. She is bright, intelligent, and charming. I am confident I will land the job of my dreams if I apply even half of what she has taught me.
— Lyndsey, UCPAP student
As a new grad I diligently tried to do as much research as possible on my own, but I found Anne’s advice to be truly invaluable. Her experience and advice have made me feel much more confident in my own brand as I search for my first career.
— Stephanie, University of Charleston PA Student
“Like many young professionals, I have often felt lacking in the experience needed to build my brand in this technological age. Anne not only provided this kind of insight in spades, but did so with a style that was engaging and results-oriented. I valued every minute of time she was able to share with my class and I.”

— Travis Green, PA-Student
It’s impossible not to smile and speak highly of Anne and her business. Not only enthusiastic and passionate, Anne is also highly attuned to how the business world works today. She is an excellent listener, and takes the time to truly hear your needs and concerns. If you are on the fence as to taking the next step, let your first step be reaching out to Anne. She offers a variety of services that pay for themselves with the resulting success. Most importantly, Anne is a genuine and kind individual that inspires growth and confidence. I am so pleased to know her and to have worked with her!
— Alyssa, Project Management and Administrative Support
Thank you for being the catalyst in getting me to update my résumé and Linkedin profile as I start thinking about what’s next for me!
— Judy, Learning & Development
“I just wanted to let you know I interviewed yesterday & how impressed the manager was with my resume! She said she sees a lot & they’re all the same & not good.... I told her about you, that you did my resume, full time career coach, etc. She said you’re in the right business! Totally agree! Thanks again for your help- it’s so paying off!”
— Carol, Healthcare Administrator
I cannot thank you enough for all of the help and guidance you’ve given me, which put me in a position to land a role like this, and to set things up for my career goals.
— Michael, Compliance Analyst
Thank you for your help and guidance with my résumé and Lnkedin! You are so positive and encouraging and I really appreciate that.
— Amanda, HR Leader
Anne was amazing at helping me organize everything from my resume and cover letter, to getting started on LinkedIn, to the interview process. Her knowledge and expertise helped to guide my focus and because of her assistance I felt more confident throughout my job search and I was able to find my dream job!
— Melissa, Occupational Therapist
I was offered the job! First and only company I interviewed with. It must be the resume!
— Anthony, Healthcare Sales
My meeting with the recruiter went really well. She wants me to interview with the executive team! She also complemented on my resume and I told her about you. She says people ask her for help all the time.
— Judith, Director Learning & Development
I’m now in my second week at my new position, and it’s been truly liberating. I’ve taken many steps since graduating in 2014, but all my career decision started with my meetings with you. Thank you for you continued friendship and support.
— Jeremy, Sales Director