Individuals, managers, and teams: Get the best out of your business with our Gallup Strengths-Based Coaching Workshops

Deeply researched, packed with takeaways, and tailored to each audience, our Gallup Strengths-Based Coaching will help you look at your work, your organization, and maybe even your life in fresh and invigorating ways.

Drawing on over 20 years of rich research conducted by Gallup, Strengths-Based Coaching with managers and teams will:

  • Help you understand the powerful connections between strengths-based development and business performance

  • Position your employees to thrive using their strengths

  • Structure your team in ways that empowers your employees to do what they do best

  • Help you understand and use your employees natural talents and teach them to be much stronger than the sum of their parts

Who Benefits From Gallup Strengths-Based Coaching?

Leaders, Rising Star Employees, Project Managers and Individuals looking to influence their teams to:

  • Achieve greater performance

  • Hire and retain talented employees

  • Transform their organization

  • Create clear vision aligning individual, team and organization goals

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Our Team

Julie Palazini

Julie Palazini

Julie coaches new and experienced trainers, while leading projects designed to streamline and improve service delivered to customers. With 20 years of training experience in corporate and higher education institutions, Julie has designed and conducted skill development training programs in communication, customer service and change management. She studied Appreciative Inquiry with David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney. Appreciative Inquiry has become the basis of her coaching approach, providing the framework for engaging participants in discovering their strengths and igniting their passion for learning.

Anne Lipsitz

Anne Lipsitz

Anne provides coaching and professional development facilitation. Her strengths lie in helping  package clients in a polished, professional manner. With 25 years of corporate marketing and communication experience and 6 years of professional coaching, she helps clients realize their goals and take risks to find new opportunities. Anne is performance-driven and has mastered how to get the most out of individuals and teams. She shares her first-hand success stories in her facilitation of Gallup Strengths Coaching for individuals, teams and managers. The process is transformational and can assist teams in becoming more collaborative and high performing and also allow for individual team contributors to utilize their strengths to make stronger contributions.  


What We Offer

Management Consultation

Each workshop kicks off with a management consultation. Our team will meet with the manager to understand goals, objectives, pain points, and provide related pre and post workshop consultations.

Self Awareness Assessment

Discover your unique strengths in an online Gallup Strength assessment, review accompanying book, and receive 30 minute 1:1 individualized strengths coaching session.

Strategies for Success

Participants will learn how to better understand their teammates and how each other’s strengths can help everyone contribute to team dynamics and success.

Performance Optimization

You will become a Strengths-Based Team by learning how individual strengths can help to move projects to completion, align resources, and solve problems.

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What Participants Are Saying

As a new manager, I realized my role as a coach and the training provided me with skills and insights to keep my team focused on their desired outcomes and build more strengths-based individuals.
— Veronica M., Associate Director

We created a road map for success for our team that we could use again and again as a best practice for achieving goals and even reaching stretch goals.
— Pam H., AVP Claims

I feel more empowered to deliver strengths to others and lead my team to success.
— Drew M., Director of HR

I could help my team be more successful helping them “claim” their strength and those of team members and how to intentionally use these strengths to actualize more moments of success at work.
— Melanie C., HR Administrator
Wow! What a wonderful session you provided for the students today! There were many positive comments following. I know it is a lot of work to analyze the group’s data and make custom slides in advance of the workshop. Thank you so much for all that prior effort and in-the-moment presentation energy!
— Jason H., Professor of the Practice of Technology and Entrepreneurship